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Hossa is located in the northern part of Suomussalmi, near the border of Kuusamo and Taivalkoski. By plane, you can arrive at Kajaani or Kuusamo. The nearest train station is in Kajaani. When arriving by car, take Highway 5 to Peranka and then the 9190 Selkoskyläntie road to Hossa.
A bus can take you from Kuusamo to Hossa and from Kajaani to Peranka. The address of the cottages is Joukojärventie 12 and 14. From Selkoskyläntie 143, move north to Paistekangasantie 1.5 km, from where you drive along Joukojärventie following signs.

Selkoskyläntie 143 Suomussalmi

Kajaani 189 km
Kuusamo 92 km
Suomussalmi 83 km
Hossa Information Centre 23 km