Hossa National Park opens up in front of your eyes

Kainuun Luontoretket (Kainuu Nature Tours) organizes wilderness and nature tourism services in the immediate vicinity of Hossa National Park. The company provides program services throughout the year. In addition, the company also accommodates customers in its log cottages on the shore of Lake Joukojärvi. Hossa National Park was established in 2017, based on its cultural heritage and wilderness culture. With its buildings and stories, Kainuun Luontoretket also holds a direct connection to this cultural and historical heritage. Wilderness and nature guide services are available throughout the Kainuu region.


You will be able to arrive at the accommodation peacefully without disturbing the peace of nature. Upon arrival, you may even notice a reindeer eating from a lakeside thicket, a flock of black grouses in the yard, a family of swans swimming in the water or other wildlife activities.

Wilderness and nature guide services

My name is Timo Kaikkonen, and I am a wilderness and nature guide. Throughout my life I’ve always been interested in skiing, orienteering, biathlon, berry picking and mushroom picking. I have gained manual skills that have been passed through my family, and, when necessary, I’ve even constructed buildings, as well as the necessary tools, for myself. Hunting and fishing are a natural part of life in Hossa.

When the Hossa National Park was established, I had the idea of ​​developing the area. I renovated and expanded the cottages and studied to become a wilderness and nature guide. I have also perfected my skills as a canoeing instructor and rental boat driver.